Шаблон hikashop

This is done with the help of one of the most robust Joomla E-commerce solution, HikaShop. We could say that their newest release, which is featured on this theme as well, is simply awesome. It even supports for downloadable files. Сам же шаблон основан на мощном фреймворке с поддержкой шорткодов, что значительно упрощает процесс создания новых страниц категорий или карточек товара. Каркас вмещает в себя неограниченное количество позиций для модулей с простой возможностью их добавления или удаления. Our resource acts as an organizer pooling, specifies the number of people that you want to buy templates and extensions, the cost of goods, as well as the amount and access to these materials. The StoreFront template now contains the HikaShop eCommerce component support.

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