Пергамент шаблоны

Not sure how much use it would be, but here it is. background image of parchment paper with torn edges Old Parchment Paper Here is another parchment paper background that generated in photoshop one day. A complete range of ParchCraft Australia (PCA) perforating and embossing tools, grids, mats and templates. Parchment & Cards made by our Crafty Friends Perfect Pearls Feathers Tracedown White Carbon Paper suitable for use with black vellum Pens, Pencils & Polychromos including Faber Castell Yazzi Bags To receive regular copies of our newsletterand product updates. Pergament carried a full line of paints, and the house brand(s) were usually on a 2 for the price of one sale. Fantastic place for someone interested in textures as I’m sure you’ve seen the red concrete and brick grunge images scattered through the site. As well as the religious aspects I also got some nice pictures of fish and turtles.

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